Sunday, December 15, 2013

Two Wrongs Don't Make Me Write.

I go through phases. Sometimes, I write. Sometimes, I wrong. Lately, I have been wronging it. I think for anyone that uses writing as a creative outlet, you just lose it sometimes. The writing seems to wander off down a track of self loathing, frustration and mild, metaphoric alcohol abuse and then suddenly, like Chris Brown's career, it gets back in gear for no apparent reason. And, once it is back in gear, it's like a rehab for the soul. 

(This girl above knows what it is like to "Sometimes" lose your way!)

Me, however, I am still somewhere meandering down a path trying to find my way. I just lost the inspiration. After writing my first-ever, non-award winning, non-best seller, [while awkwardly aiming for ten], I relentlessly attempted to get it in the hands of reviewers and people that could give it exposure. It worked a bit. I sold way more than I intended to (I intended on selling 3 - to my mom) and I got some decent reviews. I got some bad ones, too but hey, you can't please everyone. Right, Kanye?

(Kanye knows how to screw up a sequel! I prefer the original Bound with Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly!)

Nonetheless, I am writing this post as a promise to myself to get back into the swing of things in 2014. I have jotted down some notes and begun a few stories for, what critics are calling, "an equally lackluster attempt at writing a second book!" So, keep your eyes peeled! And, if you have a friend or relative with a bit of a twisted sense of humor, check out my book here and give them the Christmas gift that keeps on giving. Until they finish it or throw it away! 


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Richard Pearce said...

Hope you're now 'back in the swing of things' Edmund. Came across your blog while meandering around Blogger. Nice post! I feel for your 'writing' and 'wronging' conflict. The creative path is not an easy walk! Many thanks for your interesting site. Cheers.

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Cherdo said...

I'm on a Kardashian rant myself, today! Stumbled on your site, and hoping to see more soon.


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