Thursday, September 20, 2012

iRant 5

Around the world, people are raging against the Western culture.  We stare horrified at images
emblazoned across our screens of people from far away lands burning effigies of our leaders, stomping our flags and chanting hateful sentiments about our destructive lifestyle.  We wonder how they could hate us so much and when the thoughts become too painful, we quickly close down our CNN app on our iPhone and go back to giggling at another "Call Me Maybe" parody.  God, that little Canadian chanteuse is adorable, isn't she?

(Hey, I just met you - and this is crazy - so get a f*cking life!)

Yesterday, as I walked through Sydney, I noticed a line of people encroaching upon a glass-encased, square building.  Naturally, I thought a new free clinic had opened up but instead, I realized that it was The Apple Store and that people were queuing up, 48+ hours in advance, for a brand new iPhone 5.

While wearing baggy sweatpants, sleeping in tents and with one man holding a sign asking people to support his efforts and bring him food, they lingered just blocks away from homeless people who actually call those streets home.  In other words, they looked like real assh*les.

(Is there an app for body hair removal yet?)

I get that we all have our "thing".  We all have some quirky, little outlet to express ourselves and I respect it. However, when you wait in the cold of the night with a group of rejected cast members from "Beauty and the Geek" just to be the first person to hold on to a phone, you probably need to re-evaluate your lot in life. It just makes me ponder, on a deeper level, what we have become as people.  We are sometimes so devoid of internal happiness that we parlay that sense of connection to an inanimate object. 

I'm not innocent.  I have been known to dabble in material pleasures. In 6th grade, I purchased a lovely silk shirt from the ever-fancy Sears, Roebuck and Company. Each time that I wore it, I felt a little extra special and, dare I say, debonair.  However, that joy was ruined when I ripped it while exiting a classroom and exposed my concave, pasty chest to no less than 10 classmates.  As I clung to the remnants of what would later be revealed as a silk blend/polyester shirt, I realized that things will always fail us.

(This may or may not be an exact replica of the infamous silk shirt.)

I guess that I just need to take a deep breath.  People are people and they are free to choose whatever makes them happy.  I just found it ironic that people willing to drop hundreds of dollars on a phone were sitting just feet away from people who were begging for change.  A true statement on the haves and have nots of the world

But, Friday morning will be here soon enough and the streets will be clear once again from people who actually have homes and once that happens, I will gladly welcome the reverberating sound of nerd-gasms that will spread across the internet quicker than Kim Kardashian's...well, you know.  

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