Thursday, December 22, 2011

" got me feelin' high and I can't step off the cloud..."

I have to tell you that I am quite excited. I am on the precipice of a 5 week journey. I will be going home to Florida and then off to Colombia and Peru to explore a bit of South America. To cap off this year with this adventure is welcomed and I am most grateful to my work for allowing me the time to do it. I have to say, the US is great but where we lack is when it comes to the importance of personal time and vacations. For us, 5 weeks would never even be possible unless you quit and that is unfathomable to most of us. We are depressed, angry and disgruntled and maybe a little introspection and time away from the hum-drum of life could do us all good. One day, my wish is for the US to take this approach. Australia even has national marketing campaigns called “No Leave, No Life” that encourages people to leave the office and book a trip somewhere.

So, upon meeting my little baby nephew, I am probably going to be overjoyed and then Christmas is right around the corner, so it’s going to be big! After a couple weeks at home, I am going to explore the Amazon and the Andes. It’s so weird that I get to do this. I mean, I have always wanted to see these things and this is real life. The ticket is booked and I will soon be on my way!

Growing up, I would daydream of these places and create ideas of going there but once it settles into reality, it’s quite hard to comprehend until you are there. I am a bit nervous but mainly because of the Spanish language but I have studied Spanish forever and I can support myself well but for some reason, to be completely engulfed into another language can seem quite daunting but here we go, kids! It’s now or never!

So, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy Hannukah! See you all in Floridaaaa!


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How to Plan a Wedding said...

Great blog! Thanks for sharing.

Bella said...

Wow the cutest baby ever.. Thank you for sharing in the blog..

Marsella said...

Me too. I'm so feeling high when having a happy family. :)

Darmayoga said...

What a happy life!!!

osias said...

nice blog. enjoy reading it. Keep posting please?

- Edmund - said...

Thank you all for your comments - if you want, please "like" me on more info coming soon!

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