Sunday, August 21, 2011

"...I'm gonna be the mane event, like no King was before..."

After what felt like the gestation period of an elephant, on August 20, 2011, I finally got the call that my baby nephew had entered the world. I have been waiting for months (9 or so) for little Jayden to arrive but the past few weeks have driven me mad! Everyday, I waited for the call. So, on Saturday morning (Aussie time) when I learned that he was getting himself deported from his Mother's womb, I went into crazy mode. I was so anxious that I couldn't focus and it wasn't until around 9pm that night that I called and got word that he kicked his placenta to the curb and entered the world.

I have to be honest, I am not a big cryer but for some reason when my Mom told me that he was born, I couldn't control it. I was standing on a random street corner, next to a McDonald's (I'd like to say that that was a joke but it is the truth) and I was having to wipe my eyes. I kept telling myself that I wasn't crying and that it was just raining on my face but there wasn't a cloud in the sky!

I guess baby Jayden's birth is a bit more emotional for me because his Dad is my baby brother, Andrew. When Andrew was born, I took him on wholeheartedly as if he were my own. I bathed him, changed his diaper, made dumb noises to make him laugh and eat his food and most importantly, sang "Lion King" music to him in the car so he'd quit crying. So, in some weird sense, it is like my baby had a baby.

I won't get to meet little Jayden until December but I have already purchased him a kangaroo outfit complete with a hat that has ears and a shirt that includes a pouch. Yes, a pouch. He can hide pacifiers, toys or dead hookers in there! I don't care but it is a cool outfit. He may hate me when he is 20 and sees photos of it but I will deal with that by giving him money or beer to forgive me when the time comes.

I wish for little Jayden a life full of happy memories, good people and love. He enters the world a fresh being that isn't jaded or corrupted and I hope that he can stay that way as long as possible. Unfortunately though, he is a McCombs' which means he already possesses the stubborn gene and the propensity for delusion. Either way, welcome to the world Baby J. Love you.

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