Sunday, July 10, 2011

"...if we were our rejections, if we were our outcomes, I'd be joining you..."

You know, Facebook is magic. You can re-connect with old friends, make new ones or just stalk the hell out of people for no apparent reason. It is the ultimate past time. However, it can also create a sense of nostalgia that doesn't always resonate in a positive way.

I was recently Facebook stalking an unnamed relative and when I saw pictures of him/her, it was as if I never knew this person. He/She is such a distant part of my life that I had no connection to the images. It was as if I were looking at photos of a complete stranger. It made me feel weird. There's no bad blood, no event that changed emotions towards one another, there is just nothing. The connection existed in a time gone by.

How does this happen? I mean, it is life, I guess. A cyclical process in which people come and go. Some people stay around for a month, some a year and some forever but with family that seems odd. If I am being honest and I mean no disrespect to anyone, the term family should never just apply to people that share a bloodline. I know that this may sound cruel but I have had virtual strangers care about me more than people that I share genetic code with and it makes me sad sometimes but what can I do?

I just think that within all families, the effort to keep connected has been lost with the false sense of a hectic lifestyle. We are all too busy doing mindless things to care about each other anymore. I am not saying that I am innocent, I'm on the other side of the world, so I am culpable too.

Oh well. There is the ponder of the day. Now, with all of that out of the system, I will soon be riding a real elephant on the mean streets of Bali. Maybe not on the streets and let's hope that they aren't mean but nonetheless, an elephant ride is in my future. This Saturday, my Indonesian/Singaporean adventure takes flight. Because I lack emotion until an event actually arrives, I am not excited but by next Friday night, I will be bursting at the seams. Let's do this!


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