Friday, June 17, 2011

"...or am I a fool, who sits alone talking to the moon..."

This past weekend, I made my way to the tip-top of Australia and visited the city of Darwin. It is an Outback city with diverse culture and tons of things to see and do!

On my first night, I went to a restaurant in which you choose the meats you want to sample and they toss it in a wok and voila, you have a stir friend frenzy in front of you. I sampled almost all of the meat, including: emu, crocodile, deer, kangaroo, camel and even horse. Yes, horse. I felt a little sick. The croc had real bite to it, the kangaroo hopped around my mouth and the horse had a kick! Ok, I'm lame, I know.

Anyways, the next day, I visited Australia's largest national park: Kakadu. It was quite the trek via tour bus and I kept falling in and out of a coma but it was beautiful. I took a tour on the Yellow Water billabong and saw tons of crocs in the water below. I also climb atop Ubirru Rock and got 360 views of the Outback! It was amazing.

The following day, I trekked over to Litchfield National Park and went on a Jumping Croc Tour. A woman holds a giant pole of meat (that sounds awkward) over the croc infested river and the crocs jump up for their food. It was awesome. Later in the day, I made my way into the pool of a waterfall and it was ice cold but well worth it.

Darwin was an amazing adventure and in a month's time, I will fly through Darwin again on my way to Bali and then to Singapore! I am excited. It will be my first jaunt into the Asian continent!!

(Sunset over Darwin!)

(Jumping Croc in the Adelaide River.)

(I had the option to eat horse and I tried it and I regret it. It galloped down my throat!)

(Jumping Croc Statue!)

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