Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"...and when we reach a good place, let's be sure to leave no trace, promise they won't track us down..."

I've decided that the best thing that I can be in life is adaptable. If my time on this planet has taught me anything, it is that life will always win. Life will throw you the most amazing curve balls and the more resistant you are to the changes that happen in life, the harder things will be for you. The perfect situation does not exist. The perfect person or family or friend does not exist. You have to walk in the door, see people for who they are and choose to stay or keep it moving.

I get frustrated by my lack of emotions with things in life. It's not that I don't feel, it is that I have been forced to hold it all in. I am the voice of reason, I am the "go to" guy for advice. So, I just don't feel anything because I represent stability. I am not trying to throw a pity party for myself because it is just how things are but I sometimes wish I were able to feel more. I never run wild with emotions. I never have those extreme highs of excitement. It just doesn't happen for me.

In my life, I want the people around me to know that they can be and that they can do more than what they feel that they are limited to doing. No one stops you but you. I get so frustrated when people make choices to stifle their life and they remain blissfully unaware. I don't judge them but I am not going to coddle them. I'm not going to force anyone to do anything but if you ask my opinion, I am going to speak honestly and openly. Not because I am a jerk but because I want you to know that I care and caring for someone can sometimes hurt their feelings.

With all of that said, guess what?! Yes, I am home for Christmas. Nothing like the stark realization of a 24+ hour plane ride to get me blogging out what I think in a random rant. It has been good being home and the weather has been nice and cold. I got a new camera and now all I need is to book some new vacations.

For 2011, what can I expect? I expect that I will completely skip January 1st because I will be on a plane hopping time zones but beyond that, I know that there will be changes that forever shape the future. With every year, there always are. How will I cope with them? Time will tell. The only thing that I can do is see the reality of a situation and move forward.


tmac said...

congrats on just "doing"....interesting blog


- Edmund - said...

Thanks so much for your comment. Much appreciated.

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