Monday, November 22, 2010

"...pero que me quedes tu y me quede tu abrazo..."

The holidays are fast approaching and I am going back to America for Christmas, yeahhhhh! As you can see above, my parents convinced me to get my own little, Aussie tree and here it is. They gave me decorating tips over the phone because they are freak shows when it comes to Christmas. They do not play! And, being genetically attached to them means that I have to be held to the same standards. So, here is my mini-version.

On Thursday, I am going to hop the continent and go all the way over to Perth in Western Australia. For some reason, I am super excited for this trip. In general, I am excited for trips but for this one I get to see the Indian Ocean and I do not know why I am finding that so fascinating. I just never really thought about seeing the Indian Ocean and here I go!

This year has been absolutely amazing in terms of getting to see and do things. I have been to Fiji, Tasmania, The Outback, and soon to be Perth. I really feel so lucky. Again, I hate to sound lame or go off on tangents but this is what I have wanted. I always said that I wanted to see the world and little by little, I am doing it.

Don't ever count yourself out. Life is never easy but if you want something enough, sometimes you can make it happen! For now, I am off to Perth. More news from Western Australia later!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

"...if it's not like the movies, that's how it should be, yeah..."

I never go into swimming pools because I have a history of getting funky diseases from pools. However, what did I do last weekend? That's right, I went swimming. What do I have this week? Some funky disease! Welcome to my world.

Beyond all of that, this week in Australia was The Melbourne Cup. It is a horse race billed as "the race that stops the nation". So, at 3pm, the entire office gathered around a tv and watched as these horses galloped towards the finish line. Which horse won? The one called "Americain". Which horse did I place my bet on? Not that one. Why? Because I am dumb.

So, this weekend, I did not go to the gym once. Not once. Do I feel guilty? No! Because even though I like to keep to my routine, my baby lungs were coughing and wheezing and I just couldn't make it. Plus, since January, I have shed 22 pounds. I know, right?! How the hell did that happen? I am trying to pack on a few of those pounds but it doesn't seem to be working. I guess that being fit is the added benefit to not having a car. I walk everywhere like a madman. I like the trains but I hate the buses with a passion, so any time that a bus is required, I just walk.

When I go home for Christmas though, I am going to eat like a beast. So, if you want to see me while I am home, please make sure that our meeting involves food, preferably cake, ice cream, cookies, pies, etc. You know the drill.

For now, I am going to roll over in bed (for the nineteenth time today) and try and rest. I hate being sick but what can you do?!

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