Sunday, September 19, 2010

" think I'm funny, when I tell the punch line wrong..."

Where did I go? Tasmania! Where is it? Way down south in Australia! Nothing stops you from reaching Antarctica except freezing waters and Great Whites that could eat your face off!

So, I hopped down to Tasmania and I have always heard great things about the place and it lived up to its' reputation.

The first thing that you have to remember is that it is quiet. There is nothing to do at night and there are tons of crazy animals lurking in the dark to eat you! I experienced that when I almost ran over a wallaby that jumped in front of the car and the spider that nested on the couch next to me. I had to beat it to death because catching and releasing is not my style.

I drove on the other side of the road and the funny thing about that is that the indicators and windshield wiper buttons are on opposite sides in Australia, so every time that I went to make a turn, I cleaned the windshield. I, also, went on a tour to watch the penguins come in from the ocean at dusk. They would waddle on to shore and just walk past like it was nobody's business but some of them cross a major road in order to get to their dens and I would freak out if I ran over a penguin. Could you even imagine? "Oh wow, I just hit something! What was it? A PENGUIN!?!?!?!"

There was also a random snow sighting at the top of Mount Wellington in Hobart, so naturally I had a snowball fight with myself because that's how I roll.

So, I made a video and it is posted at, so check it out and see how the rest of the journey went! Up next, Uluru in 3 weeks...


J said...

Found your blog by accident. I noticed that you might need alot of energy to keep you going with all your adventures. Check out what I found.


Yacht davits said...

hi you look an adventures love guy...i just wish to visit places where i can found some adventures activity though it may a lonely place but i think you surely have enjoyed camp fire at a peaceful location

claud said...

that it was really awesome what your doing. Just taking the chance and exploring. i love that in people. it shows that they're living and not just existing you know? can't wait to read more!

- Edmund - said...

Thanks for checking out the blog, I appreciate it.

Tria said...

your travels seem amazing!

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