Sunday, February 14, 2010

"...whatever you do, don't put the blame on you, blame it on the rain, yeah yeah..."

As I write this, it is still raining here in Sydney. It hasn't rained for one day, or four days, but how about twelve. It is raining so hard that I had to quote some old school Milli Vanilli as the title of this blog. I've gone for a bit without writing because nothing too exciting has happened. Australia Day came and went and that was a good day. I went to Luna Park on the harbour and saw the fireworks but since then, I've been working and avoiding the rain. I joined a gym again and I feel good about it. I am working hard to not allow myself to become a gym crackhead like I used to be. Clearly, I do not do too much at the gym because my arms still resemble that of an underdeveloped, toddler girl but I do like to go because something has to fight the man boobs off. Recently, an Australian airline offered a sale to Fiji for $77 in either direction, so I jumped at the chance and purchased the ticket. I will be off to Fiji for a long weekend in April. I know it sounds pretentious or pompous to say, "Ohh, I'm going to Fiji for the weekend", but it is only a short flight from Sydney and at $77 each way, how could I not go? I do need to clarify that I am in Sydney because my Mom calls me, the other day, and says, "Where is it you live again? I know it's Australia but where in Melbourne?" Ahhhh, Mama. All of the hard work that I did trying to teach you on the map and it is all out the window! So, yes. I am in Sydney.

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