Sunday, November 22, 2009

"...each and every single day, I know I'm gonna have to eventually give you away..."

Today, Sydney is hot. It has topped off at about 106 F/42 C. It reminds me of when I first arrived and how miserable it was because AC is a rare treat. As I type this, the sun is setting and a small gust of wind is coming through the window, so it is welcomed. This week is Thanksgiving in the good ole' US of A but I will be "down under". So, I had to celebrate right by practicing my abilities on a fake turkey. It was a bit chewy but it should do the trick. As Thanksgiving arrives, it reminds me that slowly but surely my time in Australia is coming to a close. I go back and forth about how I feel about that but overall, I feel good. Who knows what life ever has in store for us, so if I have learned anything, it is to try and go with the flow a bit. Just see where life takes you. I have always had plans and been disappointed in more cases than one, so I think I just need to live in the present and see where that takes me. Plus, for whatever reason, Australia has always played a role in my life and just because this initial journey is over, doesn't mean that I won't be back. I feel a connection to Australia, so it will be my second home, I have no doubts about it. When I came here, I came to make true connections with people here and have a genuine experience and I have done just that. So, I know that I can hop off of a plane in Sydney at any time and have people here to call and visit. That is what has made this journey for me. So, for all my US people, enjoy Turkey Day. As for me, I am going to go watch a Christmas Tree be lit in 100 degree heat!


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