Wednesday, October 7, 2009

" my head, I replay our conversations, over and over til they feel like hallucinations, you know me, I love to lose my mind..."

So, today is my birthday. I have to say that I am not a fan of birthdays but I decided to conquer that this year. I have had the most normal day possible but it is exactly how I like it. No cake, no song and dance, nothing. I went to work and had a good day. Some co-workers took me to lunch and forced me to use chopsticks, which worked out better than I had anticipated and only left one, small stain on my shirt. After work, I went to the grocery store, did my laundry, and downloaded SURVIVOR. Not one sad moment, so mission accomplished. As my birthday gifts to myself, I bought myself a trip to New Zealand, which I went on this past weekend and will have a video and photos up soon, and I bought a trip to Vanuatu and I leave next Thursday. New Zealand was amazing but I am saving all of the details for a separate blog post. To everyone who sent me birthday wishes, thank you very much. I appreciate the thought. And to my Mom, whose birthday is the 8th and had the pleasure of going through 20+ hours of labor just to give birth to me, I love you and Happy Birthday!


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