Sunday, July 5, 2009

"...when you came in, the air went out, and every shadow filled up with doubt..."

I have moved to Bondi and it is a beautiful area. Near the beach, the city, the trains, everything. However, almost simultaneously, I also was hit with a bad illness. I have no idea what happened but I had pains that I didn't even know were possible. I had a severe pain in my lower back, so much so that I couldn't even lie on the bed because the pressure was killing me. It was coupled with a high fever and cough. The day that it struck, I knew I was feeling weird but didn't know how bad it was going to get. I know throughout my time here in Australia, I have walked the line between health and illness but this time took the cake. I still have the cough 8 days later but I am much better and will not complain about that. I am glad to be on the other side of this craziness. In other crazy news, can you believe that Michael Jackson died? I have to tell you, the day that I heard, I was not at all affected or shocked. He has been ill for a while and he is a celebrity and not someone that I know personally, so I went about my business. But last night, at a 4th of July themed party, the DJ started playing "Man in the Mirror" and I got a little sad. Everyone has some MJ memory and we all know his music and it is kind of sad to think that his life just ended. More so, no matter what he has done or what we think of him, he has three little kids, who have no one else to go to and that is sad. Moving on, since I have moved to Bondi, I do not have to ride the train as much and I miss out on a lot of the freaks that roam the trains. Part of me misses those moments because they made for interesting nights and stories. Ok, well 6am comes early and I started a new job. I know, I know. Jobs all the time. But, this is a good company and the location is right on the harbor. My view each day is of the Darling Harbour and the boats coming in and out of it on the way to the Pacific. Not a bad deal but it has caused a weird sense of fear and trepidation inside of me because the scenery is beautiful but an office, is an office. It made me feel sick like I was back at LOMA trapped in a cubicle prison. I wonder if people always feel this way. That, at some point, we just learn to quit fighting it and go with the flow. I don't know but it has conjured up some weird sentiments inside of me and how I do not want to be relegated to a cubicle for my life. I don't know. I have to think outside of the box a bit because I just don't think I can do it forever.


Anonymous said...


I think that people, (like you, and sometimes me), can eventually learn to live with working the 9-5s. It takes a lot of energy to get out the cycle, which is why I think a lot of people wake up one day and realize, "this life is not for me." If you have the energy to fight it and not succumb, then do it. I mean, regardless of what happens here on out with your life, you have already done more than the average guy from P-cola. :) But, something tells me, you have a lot more fight in you.

*hugs* Speak soon.

- Edmund - said...

Thanks, Melissa! I hope you are doing alright and keeping cool in the hot, Louisiana summer!

Melanie said...

Hey Edmund,

Sorry you were so sick. You're the only one I know who has had a brush with the H1N1. Did you grow a snout when you had it? Couldn't resist.

I was hoping everyone here would jump on the face mask bandwagon so I could walk around wearing a pig snout.

Glad you're better!!


Sarah Meets Sydney said...

I must say, the title of this post is is the photo! Keep rockin it Edmundo. <3

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