Saturday, March 28, 2009

"...I got something to tell you, I got something to say, I'm gonna put this dream in motion, never let nothing stand in my way..."

Have you ever been "zen-ned"? Well, after this week, I can say that I have. I had the pleasure of experiencing someone "zen" a room. She wanted to make sure that the room had a sense of peace and was cleansed of any negativity that had existed in it previously. This process involved her going into each corner and chanting in a "shamanistic fashion", her words not mine. Anytime someone uses the word "shaman", you know stuff is going down. As I watched this happen, I was able to see someone cry, shake, chant, fake an orgasm, play a banjo, and get a triple-word score on Scrabble. Ok, only parts of those are true. She doesn't own a banjo. Anyways, it was an experience. Today, I enjoyed a Scavenger Hunt throughout Sydney. We had to try and ask children and old women to give us the "finger" for 3 points, have a dance-off in public for 4 points, and hunt down several iconic spots in Sydney. After all was said and done, we did really well and came in last place. That's right, last. Now, I want to say that I think some of the other contestant were on steroids and I thought that we would get bonus points for napping in a cab. Oh well, it was a good time. However, the most important thing this week, is that 1980's pop star extraordinaire Billy Ocean has crept into my life. For no apparent reason, his music has stalked me. I was at the pub on trivia night, who was with me? Billy Ocean. I was walking to work and a car drove past me, whose voice was blaring out of the windows? Mr. William (Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic) Ocean. It has been ridiculous. Below, I made a video of myself listening to and commenting on some of his greatest hits. I am sure you will enjoy it.

(Enjoy the Sounds of the Ocean)

(The Yellow Team - Slow and Steady loses the race!)

(Australia was started by convicts - it only seemed fitting)


Laurie said...

A couple of comments. I always thought that the line from Caribbean Queen was "now we're sharing the sunscreen" not "we're sharing the same dream." Huh. Now it makes more sense.

Also, did the version of the video of The Going Gets Tough include Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner and Danny Devito? That one was classic.

I'm glad you are being stalked by an 80's legend, intrigued about the zenning of the room, and sad that you lost the scavenger hunt.

- Edmund - said...

The video did include those celebrities and yes, it is a classic. Most Billy Ocean work is.

Rachael said...

Heya Edmund! As always I am enjoying reading about your adventures! I'm glad you found a job..what exactly are you doing? did you ever tell "us"?
I want to thank you for inspiring me to take risks (however small) and follow my dreams (whatever they may be). Sorry (to everyone) if that sounds cheesy but it means a lot to me. Take care of yourself!

KASH said...

Okay I have to admit I havn't been on your page in a min...well its been mons, okay sorry! This video was too funny with Billy Ocean in the background. Its like 1:22am and Im laughin my ass off!!! I had to go back and watch the other videos just to catch up.

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