Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"...I remember when, I remember, I remember, when I lost my mind..."

What the F! What the F, I say. I'm going to be honest, I may have just officially lost my mind right this moment. Literally, within 2 minutes of each other, I received rejection phone calls from two jobs. Now, I can handle rejection. Look at my face and tell me that that is a face that has never met rejection! Oh, rejection and I have been best friends since 6th grade. Anyways, the two jobs both rejected me because they said that they employed Australians who are looking for work. Which I can appreciate and respect, I know it is a tough time but come the F on?! Why did you allow me to interview and waste my precious, precious time that I could have been napping or crying in the shower?! It is funny when I get rejected because now it is just expected. It is my thing. Next time that I am in an interview and someone says, "What are your hobbies?" I am going to say, "Watching reality television, traveling around the world aimlessly, and being rejected!" Even SURVIVOR has rejected me! Come on, I have applied seven times, can't Jeff Probst or Mark Burnett just pick me?! I am willing to live in the middle of nowhere and starve! Sadly, based on current events, that may be my reality all too soon! With that said, I have been thinking of some alternative plans and would appreciate some feedback. So, I have come here to find a real, professional, international job. Well, listen...that business a'int happening so far! Therefore, I am considering looking into getting a job at some far-flung Outback resort and living the crazy life for a little while. You know, just me, a didgeridoo and eighteen koalas singing "We Are The World". It could be fun?! So, leave a comment and tell me your thoughts. How would you assess this situation? Wait it out a bit longer, and if so, how much longer or just peace on up out this place and head for the Outback?

(This is why I need a job. Spare time is no good for me!)

(I'll be Hootie, you be the Blowfish?)


Melanie said...

Edmund, if you're not hurting for moolah, travel around Australia. Go check out New Zealand. This is your chance to that corner of the world in a way most people can't--by taking your time. One of my best trips involved spending 3 months traveling around France, Switzerland, and Germany. It was awesome being able to take my time and really enjoy myself. Break out of that I've-got-to-work-my-fanny-off-to-feel-good-about-yourself mentality! You've already proven that you're responsible. Now prove that you can relax and enjoy yourself while investigating a new country!

- Edmund - said...

True words. I appreciate it. I just feel like I have to be uber-responsible in life but I am trying to let it go a bit and the fact of the matter is...if I don't have this great adventure now, I never will and that will be the biggest regret because I came here and blew the opportunity to do so. Thank you.

a shi li said...

I vote crazy Outback job with some traveling to New Zealand in there. This is the time in your life to do the not-responsible thing, you already did that by picking up and moving. Who says you gotta be professinal? That can wait! Have fun now! And ship me a koala bear. I'll tell Keenan to look for it.

Rachael said...

I think you should be a writer. Seriously, if you could get paid more for your blog that would be great. You have this ability to turn even the worst situation into an incredible reading experience for all of us. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say you make us all feel like we are experiencing everything right along with you. If not that, and you can afford it, then I'm with your friend Melanie in suggesting that you take some time to travel. You are right there next to all this amazing stuff, might as well take full advantage!

Rachael said...

Oh, and I want a koala bear too. Can you get me one of those??

Marcie said...

Right on Edmund. These comments are great. Do a walk about...Marcie

- Edmund - said...

I just purchased 48 koalas, who wants one? Thanks for all the comments.

Laurie said...

Like any foreign national trying to work anywhere but their home country - you are at a disadvantage. But should that stop you? Hell to the no! What would Tyra say? She'd tell you to be fierce and smile with your eyes and not give up.

One of those 48 koalas are mine! Tess needs a friend.

The Outback resort job wouldn't be too bad. How about making YouTube videos out there? Tons of materials! Does Kon Tiki have any opportunities in Sydney?

And I don't know why the heck Survivor passed on you. They are dumb. I think there's a better reality show in your future.

Melanie said...

Edmund, with your energy, attitude and humour, I'm sure you will find something to do from which you can learn. Living overseas can be a very confronting experience, which you have learned - but wouldn't it have been boring if you had just slotted into a job of choice without missing a beat? That would really be the lost opportunity. As you have said, going with the flow, open mind, adapt and change will get you there. I like your writing.

nichole said...

YOU ARE MY HERO!!! I am so glad that you not only decided to take this journey but also blog about it. I've always wanted to pick up and move to some place warmer than the DC area. I was thinkin' a warmer US state but I've always wimped out in order to be "responsible" and "secure". HA! "secure".

My vote: secure (there's that word again) your spot at the Outback resort job then travel to for a month or two if your budget can handle it.


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