Thursday, January 1, 2009

"...traveling I only stop at exits, wondering if I'll stay young and restless..."

2 years, 10 months, and 18 days and my Atlanta journey has concluded. Today is a day that I knew was coming and it passed much more calmly than I had expected. This morning, once I cleared out the apartment, I took a few moments and stared at it. Soaking in the memories of my little, Atlanta life. It was odd. Sometimes that apartment felt like a cage. I was trapped inside of it, wanting for more but it also, was my first sense of freedom. I had taken a leap of faith and left the security of Pensacola and made it. I survived. I had broken free of Escambia County, Florida and proven that I could do it without failing. On my own. I closed the door, knowing that I was heading in a good direction. If not literally, at least figuratively. Living in Atlanta taught me that I can do it. I can make it in this world on my own if needed. And for that, I am grateful. I went to work for a few hours to wrap some things up and had to say "goodbye" to my co-workers. That was tough but I walked to my car and didn't look back. I am leaving with good memories and lasting friendships. I received a quote this week from someone and it made a lot of sense. It said, "We can not become what we want by remaining what we are". It rings true. How am I ever to grow as a person if I don't shake up my world a bit? Granted packing up and moving to the other side of the world is an extreme but it is my way to move forward. I hope that all of you can experience your dream coming true someday. It is so odd to be in the middle of something that you have always wanted. It feels surreal but not in a positive or negative way, just indescribable. With that said, I am now writing this from the comfort of a bed! Finally, I can sleep in a normal sleeping situation and not on a floor. Last night, as I was nuzzling up to my apartment floor for my last night of Atlanta life I started to panic a little! Why? I was panicking because I have yet to have a panic attack about moving to Australia. Exactly what does that say about a person, when he panics about not having a panic attack yet? You don't have to answer that! Nonetheless, I wish you all a great 2009 and much success and happiness and I encourage everyone to take a leap of faith and try something new or plan a course of action on how to change your life. I don't know what 2009 holds for me but I know that I finally made a decision that trekked outside of my need to be responsible all the time and it feels strangely good.


Image said...

awww Edmund, in my self- absorbed-ness, my anti-social-ness, and my introvert-ness, somehow I let all this time go by without so much as a word. And for that I am sorry. I just want to wish you all the luck in the world on ur trek to Austrailia. I know you will be fine. I want to thank you for all the rides, all the advice and always being a genuine person. I will miss your jokes and yes, you still are my favorite white boy (only from the neck up, lol) and if you are reading this wondering 'who the hell?' its me, Shana. Feel free to email me any time even if you dont know what to say. :-) (

Oh, and i even clicked on some adds for you!

Loooooove ya!

Deetouring Dee said...

I'm still young and restless @61.5. I'd do it all over again, run away to Australia. Until I can get back to Oz, I will have to live vicariously through your posts. But don't get too comfortable, your mentor maybe there by March.
And you can play tour guide! Be sure to let me know if you need help with accommodation, and let me know what kind of work you're seeking. It's a small world, and I may know someone who can help. Meanwhile, forget your anxiety and go with the flow. G'day mate, Dee

- Edmund - said...

Oh man, it is so great to see that you all are checking out the blog. This is a big journey for me and it is important that I get to share it with the people in my life. If you are able to visit, bring it on. I want this to be a chance for everyone I know to break a little out of their comfort zone and have a good time. Thank you all so much.

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