Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"..out of the darkness and into the sun, but I won't forget the place I come from, I gotta take a risk, take a chance, make a change, and breakaway.."

Wow. Tonight is my final night in the comfort of Mom and Dad's house before starting my big adventure. A good friend of mine told me that I should write a letter to myself about what my expectations are going into this and then at the end of my journey, see how it all worked out. I like that advice. I expect to grow. To prove to myself that nothing is out of reach and for all the times when I felt that I wasn't good enough, those days are over. I can make it just fine on my own. I expect to open myself up to the idea that not always be structured and responsible can be a good thing. Letting myself be young is something that is tough for me, I have always been a 40 year old in a younger body. While it has served me well in several areas, I have lacked in the having fun department and that needs to change. I expect to take the small moments and know that they mean more than anything. I want to just relish a moment, to live in that moment and to not plan everything out. More than anything, I want to truly recognize the gratitude and humbleness that I have experienced through all of you with this journey. I am not an overly religious person but prior to this experience I would pray for guidance and it lead me right here. Whoever may be doing the leading, I don't know but nonetheless, so many great things worked out for me and I am humbled and grateful. I have to say to each of you reading this; this means so much to me. To know that people care enough about me to acknowledge my dream and to want to follow it means a lot. Ultimately, it has been some weird sort of validation that I have always wanted and needed. So, thank you. Tomorrow morning, I will leave Pensacola and head to Dallas then LA and then on to Sydney. What happens after all of this is to be determined, so please stay tuned and thank you again for the support. On one last American-based note; to my Mom, Dad, and brothers - I know that me globe trotting makes you paranoid but I do this because of you, never in spite of you. You all have given me the ability and desire to want more from life and words, whether spoken or written, can't fully express it. I love you.


Anonymous said...

Very good!

Michelle said...

Wow, I am really excited for you! Nice web page; I'm really digging the spiritual journey vibe. Very calming and relaxing. Can't wait to hear about your travels. What address can I send email to you? Good luck, be safe, and have fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Bye...have fun..I will be holding you to that!!

Melanie said...

Wow! The day has finally arrived!! I'm so excited for you and can't wait for your next entry!! Happy travels, Edmund!

- Edmund - said...

I can be emailed at: edmundcmccombs@gmail.com and thank you all so much for the support! I am on my way...

Rachael said...

I wish you all the best Edmund! I am so proud of you for following your dream and I hope what you find is more than you could've ever imagined! Have fun!!

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