Friday, January 23, 2009

"...light up, light up, as if you have a choice, even if you cannot hear my voice, I'll be right beside you, dear..."

Someone asked me the other day where the titles of my blogs come from and they are song lyrics. Some people watch movies or read books to kind of escape, I like to listen to music. So, whatever song is on at the moment that I decide to write a blog, I choose some lyrics from it and make it the title. So, these past few days have been dedicated to the job hunt. For those of you who know me, you know that I like to work. I like to work too much possibly. Being bored is not my strong suit. So, I have been working for LOMA remotely and that is great but I came to Australia to get out and meet new people and see new things and I can't do that from the comfort of my laptop. Therefore, tomorrow morning, I am going to take a course to be able to serve at a restaurant here. Yes, you have to take a course! Working in a restaurant is not my ideal situation but 1.) it is an easy way to meet new people and 2.) it will occupy my time while I look for a more professional job. On a good note, I did get a couple of calls and emails today from some places that I have sent my resume to, so we will see. On Wednesday, I went into North Sydney and it is beautiful there. I took a walk across the Harbour Bridge. It was great but it is so hot here right now and Summer hasn't even fully started! At the house where I live, there are two little girls here and their parents have asked me to tutor them in Spanish, so I have been making some change that way and keeping occupied, which is good! Also, I need to share some weird Aussie things that I have discovered. They pronounce the letter H different than we do. We say [ay-ch] they say [hay-ch]. Also, we park our cars on a curb and they park their cars on a kerb?!?! WHAT?! They say "toilet" for "restroom" and to me, I can't make myself say that. It sounds crass for some reason even though it is what is printed on all the signs leading to a restroom. It is just weird all the small differences. Enough of that. The other night, I was asleep and I had a dream that I was coming to Australia and when I woke up, I was clearly here and it felt really odd. Not in a bad way, just weird. To think that I got on a plane and left everything that was safe behind for an adventure. That is not like me but afterall, I guess it is. For whatever reason, I feel that I was meant to come here. It has been a goal my whole life. So, now that I am here, what next? Time will tell. I am trying to just relax and let life guide me but I am not so good at that!

(Kidnapped on my first day by random Aussies!)

(In the middle of a fountain - it seemed like a good idea!)


Anonymous said...

loved the video. good to have (& hear) you in my cube again!!! LOL

Laurie said...

Yeah, the whole "toilet" think was strange for me too when I was in the England.

I'm glad to read and see you are doing well! Keep with your positive thinking and you'll find a great job! I'm definitely sorry to hear that the trains are so hot! Not good!

IamNotaSecretary said...

I am glad I read your entire blog, or I would have been confused because all your ads were for toilets! I'm not kidding!

- Edmund - said...

Haha - I have yet to see a toilet ad. Funny.

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