Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"...it is the passion flowing right on through your veins and it's the feeling that you're oh so glad you came..."

The Aussie spirit may be catching me a little bit. This morning, I woke up and was instantly riddled with panic. This job had emailed me and said my voicemail wasn't working and I had no way to check it and then my job in the States said that the numbers on a report that I did were wrong and I had been sick all day yesterday. So, I instantly went into freakout mode. I sat for a minute and took some deep breaths and got myself together and I thought, "Ok, what can you do? You have no control over any of this so just let it go!" I got a call from some of the friends that I have made here in Australia and the majority of them are all packing up and moving to Byron Bay, which is 12 hours north of here. I decided that if I wanted to hang out, today had to be the day. So, I took the train down to Bondi Beach and then walked a scenic, coastal path to a smaller beach called Tamarama. It was so nice. Kind of removed and quaint. I hung out there in some of the little tide pools because the water of the ocean is freezing cold. It doesn't matter that it is almost 100 degrees here, the water is like ice. I was sure to cover my face completely with sun lotion because Australia is the number one spot for skin cancer in the world and it is no surprise. People walking in the city have to use it to be safe. Yesterday, I sat around the house all day and did work all while searching for Aussie jobs. I have applied until my fingers are sore. We will see, I am trying to take it all in stride. On Sunday, I met my tour guide from my first Aussie trip for lunch and she showed me around to a few places. After she left, I went and sat by the Opera House and just stared out into the Sydney Harbour. It really is a beautiful place. I, also, decided to film my video application for the job on the Great Barrier Reef. It isn't anything too flashy but it is the best I could do with short notice. What an opportunity that would be! So, here I sit on Tuesday night, searching for more jobs online. I am curious to see the inauguration tomorrow but it begins here at 4am, so that won't happen but I am sure that it will be repeated a million times. I read today in the paper that Australians are more excited about the new U.S. President than any other country in the world. Which is odd to me because I keep thinking, "Why do they care?" But, they do and it is great. They know so much and ask tons of questions! Ok, time for me to go be productive. Please leave me some comments.

(Cliff overlooking the blue Pacific)

(Rock formation over Tamarama Beach)

(Me - dumb as rocks)

(Tree dangling over the Pacific Ocean)


Anonymous said...

Those look like really expensive shades? Rayban? About that report...you know who wanted your number to call you about it and we would not give it to said troll, uh, duh, he is asleep right now!!!

Anonymous said...

Ummmm...Como se dice: Dumb as rocks? Last night on Wheel of Fortune, some guy won a trip to Costa Rica. That made me really happy for some reason! haha Hang in there little buddy! :D

Canada Lori said...

Hmmm.... I thought there was only one person who is dumb as rocks! And, it sure isn't you! Good thing Marcie has your back! Today will be a better day!!

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