Sunday, January 11, 2009

"...can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder, you better run, you better take cover..."

One, crazy week. From the moment that I have arrived to Sydney, I have been overwhelming social. For those of you who know me, you know that this is abnormal. I like to sit in my room and have my safe, quiet world. But, the reason I am here is to change that! Or try to change that, at least. On Saturday, I went to Coogee Beach with two, fellow Pensacolians, four Brits, and a South African. Accents were flying wild. It was a good time and I got a little crispy. Australia has very little O-zone left and the sun rays really sting. The highest rate of skin cancer in the world is here. So, I didn't want to risk too much but it was a nice time. We all then came back to the city and went out that night for dinner on Darling Harbour. Things are ridiculously expensive here. I don't know if I mentioned that before but if I haven't, they are expensive!!!! So, the night went on for quite a while and we ended up having a good time but it took a while because all of the bars/clubs were playing techno music or all your favorite classic hits from 1978 and that made me want to have a seizure. So, I couldn't handle it all that much. So, our group dwindled down from eight to three and we found a nice, little place and ended up having a good time. This morning and for most of the day, I have been a bit panicky. Me, not normally being social, with all of this friend making stuff has made me feel weird. Not bad weird but just different. I always get along with everyone but I am so used to having "alone" time that to not have it is weird but here, I don't want it. I am trying to make a change and to force myself to be social but the inner-Edmund is fighting it back. Nonetheless, I went to Manly today which is on the Northern Beaches and it was beautiful. It is a 30 minute ferry-ride from the Opera House. I met up with some new people and had a good time but I had to leave early because I was too busy stressing about life. I know, I know. I didn't come here to do that but it is me we are talking about and it happens. So, here I am, feeling much better and much more settled for now. I have sent out tons of emails about jobs and even met a woman on the ferry-ride today who randomly asked if I needed work. So, we will see how that goes. I am hoping everything will fall into place. I am sure it will it is just tough for me to relinquish control. Either way, I am not complaining. I am here and I am doing well. Just fighting the urge to be the hermit that I am.


Ava said...

edmund just have fun . this is an adventure of a lifetime. remember we are not promised tomorrow so just enjoy the day i love you and am very proud of you for doing what many people would love to always mom

Anonymous said...

Met a woman on a Ferry who offered you a job? You ain't that kind of gigolo, man!!!
By the by, nothing wrong with getting out there and then retreating and then getting out there again...sometimes that alone times helps to refuel...
Call me Ava!!!

HoneyD said...

Remember, There is nothing to it but to do." If you think too long on it, you won't do it. Nothing ventured nothing gain. All that rot, as the Brits would say. Buck up my brotha. Just think how much bravery it took to get there. Don't back down now. Remember, we got your back.


HoneyD said...

Check this out. It might be something you may be interested in sounds life fun.


HoneyD said...

Try this!

- Edmund - said...

Thank you! I feel better now, for now. We will see though!

IamNotaSecretary said...

I was going to leave you a comment about that same "best job in the world" post. It was on the Yahoo home page today. Sounds just like something you'd do!

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