Friday, December 26, 2008

"...and so this is Christmas and what have we done..."

Christmas, my favorite day of the year (cue the crickets chirping). Actually, I have never, ever been a fan of the day. Not even as a young kid. The day has always been tainted by some disagreement or unsettled feelings that creep up in the midst of togetherness. It drives me insane. I do not need a gift from anyone on this planet but I want an experience. I want a day in which we put away pride, pettiness, stubbornness, and all the other ugly qualities that we may possess and actually show gratitude and appreciation to the people that we care about. Life is so short and you realize it even more when since the last Christmas you had, you have lost someone you love. So, why fight? Why argue? It makes zero sense and ultimately, ruins the day for everyone around. Hubris is a quality that will always leave you alone and bitter. It isn't about who is right, it is about doing what is right! But, I digress. With that said, last night I fielded many family questions about my Aussie adventure and I was happy to do so. I feel like this is the only choice for me in life right now and more than anything, I would love for them to experience it with me. I brought another car load of stuff down from Atlanta and the last bit will come down with me on the 31st. I received, via email, my new Australian telephone number and there are so many digits, I don't know what to do! I, also, have to go to the bank tomorrow to transfer cash into my new Australian bank account. We will see how it all goes but we are down to 12 days away. To wrap it all up, I hope that all of you have had a great Christmas and we should all take time to remember that the gifts we get mean very little and that the people we get them from should mean much more.

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