Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"...maybe someday, someday I'm gonna settle down..."

I just arrived in Pensacola after driving for almost 6 hours. Not a good time. However, my car was packed to the brim and someone came and purchased the last of my big, home items. So, I have sold the couch, tv stand, one television, chest of drawers, coffee tables, night stands, and my spirit. Oh wait. All that remains in my 550 square feet of Atlanta heaven is my bed, some clothes, and the packet of Lemon flavored pudding that has resided in the fridge for just shy of a year. Is it sad that I will have to either sit on the floor or on my bed to eat? You don't have to answer that out loud, you can just judge me from afar. And while you do that, I will cry in my shower that way I won't know if it is water or tears streaming down my face. It helps with the self esteem! Anyways, I am now home with Mom, Dad, and the brothers and looking forward to some good Thanksgiving food. It sucks not knowing how to cook or rather not caring enough to try. One day, when I am someone who is important or delusional enough to think that I am, I am going to walk into Wendy's corporate headquarters and ask to speak to the ashes of Dave Thomas and give that man a sincere "thank you" because Wendy's has kept me fed and economically sound for almost three years now! I wonder if they have Wendy's in Australia?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

"...and I will wake up happy..."

I heard a quote this week that said, "A wise man does not let others create his future, rather he creates his own future", and oddly enough, I have done just that. So, word is out, I am packing it up and going to Australia. To some, this may seem impulsive but this has been a plan of mine for many years. For whatever reason, the desire has lived in me since childhood and I am finally going to see it through. For better or for worse, I am taking this show on the road on my own terms. If I love it there, I stay for a year. If I hate it, I have one heck of a vacation, pack it up, and start life over knowing that I, at least, tried. So, where do we stand as of today? Decision to go (check!), purchase plane ticket (check!), tell job #1 (check!), tell job #2 (check!), pack up apartment (1/2 of a check!), mentally prepare (still pending!). I finally feel like things are going well for me and all it took was me making the decision to change my life and my situation. A big thank you to everyone that offered their support in my crazy decision, it means a lot!

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